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Freedom of Information – Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention

We are extremely concerned about the detention of women in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Detention Centre. We believe the current extensive, privatised detention system is not the answer to government concern about immigration statistics and public perceptions of immigration.

For more detail about the evidence behind our concerns, have a look at recent research from Women for Refugee Women (see their 2014 report ‘Detained‘) and the investigation from HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (see his 2013 report). In 2014 the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women was denied access to investigate Yarl’s Wood. In light of the shocking lack of transparency and accountability surrounding Yarl’s Wood, we are taking steps to bring human rights abuses in Yarl’s Wood to light. Ultimately, we support the #SetHerFree petition to end the indefinite detention of vulnerable women in Yarl’s Wood.

We aim to gather together up-to-date state information to put in the public domain and use to explain our key areas of concern. We have therefore made a small number of targeted FOI requests and we will upload the responses as we receive them.

If you have related information of your own, please do let us know by emailing us at


FOI Responses Received So Far…

  • On pregnant women and access to health care: Reply to FOI 31272
  • On sexual assault and female staffing ratios: Reply to FOI 30965
  • On staff training, complaints from detainees and detainee work: Reply to FOI 31271
  • On female staff ratios, medical treatment and booking in (risk assessments/Rule 34/35): Reply to FOI 31605 ALSO with atttached example for medical booking in forms: Assessment forms
  • On victims of torture, sexual violence and trafficking; food and fluid refusals and medical transport (refused on basis each question over cost maximum): Reply to FOI 31393
  • On detainees mental health and vulnerabilities (refused on basis of cost):Reply to FOI 31613

Other Relevant FOI Requests from

FOI requests from Medical Justice


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