Whether you are a campaigner, public sector employee, solicitor, barrister, politician, or indeed a judge, it is not always clear how all the different human rights entitlements and instruments fit together.

#TeamCEDAW has produced an introduction to CEDAW, which explains how to argue CEDAW points effectively in court cases in the UK.

We have explored some of the different ways CEDAW can be useful, using an example of challenging immigration detention conditions in Yarl’s Wood. This is a short introduction and we do hope to work on a more comprehensive version in the future – if you would like to help us with this or if you want to ask us about using CEDAW in a different area of law, then don’t hesitate to get in touch: usingcedaw [@]


Using CEDAW: Bringing CEDAW Home Booklet



We recommend taking a look at the Booklet and the various links included in it. We also recommend ESCR-Net’s guide to using CEDAW to secure women’s economic and social rights:


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